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What kind of meal are you eating?

Why is it that Japanese food/dish is popular worldwide now?
There are various reasons and here are some of the typical answers.

1. It is healthy because of less grease and salt.
2. The way the dish is cooked, it brings out the freshness and natural taste.
3. Enjoy variety of foods because Japan has four seasons.
4. The appearance of the food is appetizing.
5. It is comparatively a small amount.
6. There are a lot of vegetable dishes.

The main reason why it is popular around the world is because it is healthy. Everyone is starting to think about importance of being healthy. A lot of Japanese eating habits are based from those written above; Japan is considered worldwide an eminent country of long life expectancy. For one’s health, how about take in less salt, grease and eat more vegetables? In the year 2000, the Department of Health has released guidelines for dietary living. For a healthy living please consult among the mentioned list below.

New Dietary Life Guidelines

* Enjoy the meal.

* Have a healthy life by following a daily good eating habit.

* Have a dietary balance based on staple food, main dish and side dishes.

* Please take lots of cereals such as rice, etc.

* Have a balance diet of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, legumes/beans
and fish.

* Lessen intake of table salt and greasy food.

* Know your proper weight and the amount of meal to correspond to your daily life activity.

* Make the best use of Japanese food culture and local delicacies, try new

* Cook and preserve wisely to lessen waste in the dishes.

* Please review your eating habits.

Foreigners came to Japan who experience various illness.

VIVA VIDA MEDICAL LIFE CO., Ltd. previously Viva Vida! Association with 10 years experience in insurance services has a data of foreigners living in Japan that acquired various illness such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc. What are the causes of these illnesses? Of course, the biggest cause is in the eating habits of high protein, high fat, and high salinity aside from inheritance of the illness. Having these illnesses has a possibility of death due to cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhage, etc. Most of foreigners are working in Japan to support their families back in their own country. If ever you get sick and or die by any chance, it would be a big loss and problem for your family. Don’t you think that balancing work and enjoying life are the most important? Please lessen dining out and instead enjoy home cooking, cut back the use of grease, salt and take lots of vegetables. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has released guidelines for dietary living; aside from eating a balance diet, living a healthy life such as exercise is also important. Hereafter, please review your eating habits and lifestyle for a healthy way of life. We wish you good health and happiness.

About dental treatment

Most of insurance company doesn’t cover dental treatment. Even with the National Health Insurance and Social Insurance, there is an adjustment and limitation to the coverage of the treatment. This is because daily dental care at home can prevent dental problems and payment for the insurance premium would be expensive to cover the routine dental check-up, dental treatment, etc. Our company’s insurance covers a basic need, which is why the premium was made affordable for everyone to be able to join. As for the dental treatment, we recommend you to have daily care of your teeth and, once every six months to one year regular dental check-up. Even with dental treatment, if done during the early stages of tooth decay the dental fee wouldn’t be that expensive. That is why we recommend having a regular dental check-up. It is cheaper and more reasonable to pay the dental fee rather than pay the high priced insurance premium.

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Medical and Life Insurance for Foreigners Living in Japan
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