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Foreign Student Insurance Plan

It is expected that more foreign students will come to Japan. VIVA VIDA, with the aim to provide safety net to the foreign students, offers newly improved, necessary and sufficient insurance plans at a very reasonable cost. In addition to the life insurance Basic Plan, students may choose optional plans according to his/her insurance needs.

Optimized for Short-term Study Abroad, Training, and Seminar

It is expected more number of foreign students are coming to Japan because of “300,000 Foreign Students Plan” raised by the Japanese government. And it is expected that large part of those students are participating in short programs of schooling, training, and seminar. Viva Vida’s Foreign Student Insurance(Short Plan) is recommended to those students who stay in Japan for less than 3 months as they cannot enlist in the National Health Insurance. Viva Vida’s Foreign Student Insurance is already penetrated in many schools. It covers 100% of medical fees and rescue cost in unforeseen critical situation as well as life insurance.

There are also unique optional student plans to benefit universities or persons acting as guarantors for the foreign students, putting an ease to these guarantors to accept foreign students!


ST-Med30 EX
ST-Basic EX

※ Other similar plans are available.

※ As liability claim due to bicycle accidents are increasing in Japan, a lot of hosting organizations are interested in Liability Insurance and trying to oblige contracts. Vivavida is dealing Liability Insurance with Out-of-court Representative Service.
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Medical and Life Insurance for Foreigners Living in Japan
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