Medical and Life Insurance for Foreigners Living in Japan
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Comentário em português


Sou assegurado do VIVA VIDA MEDICAL LIFE e venho renovando o meu contrato todo ano sem deixar cortar o plano por precaução. Nunca tive problemas com minha saúde, mas derepente comecei a sentir dores no estômago e quando me dei conta, tive que ser internado às pressas e sofri uma cirurgia. A conta do hospital saiu bem caro, mas como sempre fui precavido em estar inscrito em um Seguro não tive que me preocupar com a conta, pois todos os gastos foram pagas pela seguradora VIVA VIDA MEDICAL LIFE! Obrigado! MOTIVO – INTERNAÇÃO E CIRURGIA POR HEMORRAGIA NO ESTÔMAGO. (出血性胃潰瘍) VALOR DE REEMBOLSO: ¥530,150


Sofri uma queda de bicicleta e acabei fraturando o queixo. O VIVA VIDA MEDICAL LIFE me reembolsou todo o valor gasto com internação e cirurgia!! MOTIVO – INTERNAÇÃO E CIRURGIA POR FRATURA DO QUEIXO. (下顎骨々折) VALOR DE REEMBOLSO: ¥801,110


Achei que era somente uma gripe mas no fim a coisa complicou e era uma pneumonia bronquial aguda. O tratamento não saiu muito caro mas mesmo assim o seguro cobriu todos os gastos e não precisei mexer no orçamento do mês. Valeu a pena em estar inscrita no seguro VIVA VIDA MEDICAL LIFE! MOTIVO – PNEUMONIA BRONQUIAL AGUDA (急性気管支肺炎) VALOR DE REEMBOLSO: ¥27,490

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Why I’m Glad that I Found VIVA VIDA!   An anonymous testimonial

I came to Japan on a tourist visa after finishing graduate school in the States. My idea was to work for a few months in Japan and then backpack across Southeast Asia, India and Europe. My parents had always included me in our family insurance plan, but they weren’t sure whether that plan would cover me overseas. A friend in Japan told me about VIVA VIDA! and suggested that I consider taking out a policy. I had never purchased insurance on my own and – for that matter – had never spent a night in a hospital. If the VIVA VIDA! premiums had been expensive, I would probably never have purchased the insurance. But the premiums were affordable for me, even as an underpaid English teacher, so I took out a policy. Boy, was I glad that I had insurance! I woke up unconscious one morning, Or rather, I didn’t wake up one morning. Fortunately, my Japanese girlfriend was worried about me and came and found me unconscious in my apartment. She called an ambulance, which took me to Kawakita Hospital, in Tokyo’s Asagaya district. I had come down with acute pneumonia, but the doctors and their antibiotics had me back on my feet in less than a week. A woman from the hospital’s accounting came to my room on my last day there and asked how I would pay. I simply gave her the information about VIVA VIDA!, and that was all I needed to check out of the hospital.

Experience with VIVA VIDA!   by   William NicholsViva Vida has been great to me. They have provided insurance for me in Japan that is affordable, efficient, and friendly. Their rates are low and I get good coverage. I had to go to the hospital a year ago for pain in my abdomen and after the first payment of 10,000 yen for my first office visit, the subsequent visits and treatment were paid by Viva Vida in a timely manner with no problems. The last thing I want to worry about when I have a medical problem is if my insurance will cover me. I want to concentrate on getting well and not worry about money. With Viva Vida I am given that luxury. No worries, no problems, great service. I recommend Viva Vida to any foreigner living in Japan without reservations.

A “best value health insurance” testimonial   by   Dale Haskell

I think Viva Vida is the best value health insurance for foreigners in Japan. Other companies may offer more coverage, but they are much more expensive.
I had an operation this year which cost more than Y200,000, and although Viva Vida only covered 50% of the cost, their compensation for a very expensive operation was appreciated.
Viva Vida staff are always very friendly and helpful. They speak many languages and offer efficient support to customers.

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Medical and Life Insurance for Foreigners Living in Japan
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